Twins Bamboo Chopsticks
    Twins Chopsticks with half paper sleeve
    Twins Chopsticks with full paper wrapped
    Tensoge Bamboo Chopsticks
    Tensoge Chopsticks with 3/4 Paper Sleeve
    Tensoge Chopsticks with Full Paper Wrapped
    Carbonized Twins Bamboo Chopsticks
    Carbonized Tensoge Bamboo Chopsticks
    Round Bamboo Chopsticks
    Round Chopsticks with opp bag
    Round Chopsticks with half paper sleeve
    Round Chopsticks with full paper sleeve
    Rikyu Bamboo Chopsticks
    Square Bamboo Chopsticks
    Genroku Bamboo Chopsticks
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Carbonized Tensoge Bamboo Chopsticks

Item Number: PT
Material: High quality natural mao bamboo
Size: Length:20cm/21cm/24cm ; Thickness:4.2~4.5mm,4.8~5.0mm
Packaging: Individual full paper wrap; Individual paper sleeve; Individual opp bag; Naked Custom printing acceptable for inner and outer carton; Standard export 5 layers outer carton
Qty in carton: 3000 pairs/ctn or customer request
MOQ: 30-50 Cartons
Delivery time: 30-35 days after order confirm